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Our Mindbody multivitamin routine was formulated to be taken together (2 Daily Mind capsules and 2 Daily Body capsules.) While our all-in-one healthy aging routine was formulated with highly quality, bioavailable ingredients, we recommend taking in the morning with food for optimal absorption and impact.

You can expect your Mindbody multivitamin routine to arrive 3-5 business days after it has shipped. If you opted for a subscription, your monthly multivitamin refill will ship automatically every 26 days, to make your healthy aging routine as seamless as possible.

You can manage your Fountain Vitals subscription through your account. Under the Manage Your Subscription section, you can select your next delivery date or edit your delivery frequency. There is an option to cancel your subscription as well (though we’d be sad to see you go).

You can access your Fountain Vitals account through our account login page, which is located at the top right of the Fountain Vitals website. Remember to use the email address that is associated with your Fountain Vitals order, then you will receive a 4 digit code via SMS or email to log you in. Your account can help you manage your Mindbody multivitamin orders and your monthly subscription.